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Born and raised in the small town of Manjimup, located in the Southwest of Western Australia. I completed all schooling there before commencing my apprenticeship and working life at the Manjimup Country Club.


I completed my Cert 3 in Horticulture Turf Management in 1993, where I learnt to manage and prepare the 18-hole golf course and bowling greens for tournament play. Upon completion of my apprenticeship, I then moved to Perth to pursue a career in golf, playing State representative golf for WA from 93-98. After qualifying for the PGA tour of Australasia from 98-2000, I retired from life on the road and moved back to Manjimup in 2001 with partner Naomi (to be wife) where after 12 months, took on the role of Golf Course Superintendent. After 9 years at the helm, marriage, three kids, dog/cat and the picket fence, we were ready for a change

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In 2011, my family and I relocated to Busselton and began a role with a turf management company, spending 61/2 years assisting local govt and education department bodies with the management of their open space turf. In December of 2016, I took an opportunity to undertake a 7-week interim role as Golf Course Superintendent for the City of Kalgoorlie/Boulder. The Graham Marsh designed desert layout was an incredible experience, reclaimed wastewater combined with stormwater was used for reticulation of the course, and my experience of this resource at Manjimup CC was of great use. Upon the very successful completion of this period, the need for a more diversified role moving forward was very apparent. A chance encounter with a local compost manufacturer had me questioning my current beliefs on turf/soil management.


My focus turned to the promotion/regeneration of soil quality, over solely synthetic applications. carbon building and microbial applications to assist with improvements to

  1.  Soil structure
  2.  Root development
  3.  Nutrient holding capabilities (CEC)
  4.  A reduction of nutrient leaching into waterways
  5. Disease and pest resistance and overall soil/turf health

All of which reduce the cost of annual management along with the impact on our environment

Soil health, when improved, will enable us as managers to grow playing surfaces requiring greatly reduced synthetic nutrition via natural nutrient cycling, improved root growth resulting in reduced water requirements, a biology strong environment more resistant to destructive pests and diseases. Costs involved with managing our sporting surfaces are large, renovation, mowing, irrigation, weed and pest control, along with nutrition make up the bulk of management costs. Once the soil properties of each individual location are determined via the appropriate testing, an effective and cost-efficient program, focused on soil health and environmental sensitivities, can be implemented.